R package

kwb.resilience (v0.1.0): R Package for the Quantification of Technical Resilience

kwb.fakin (v0.3.0)

Aquanes.Report (V0.5.0)

Aquanes.Report (V.0.4.0)

Quantitative microbiological risk assessment for different wastewater reuse options in Old Ford (v.1.0)

kwb.qmra (v0.1.1)

kwb.hantush (v0.2.1)

kwb.wtaq (v0.2.1)

Wrap Your Model In An R Package

The groundwater drawdown model [WTAQ-2](https://water.usgs.gov/ogw/wtaq/), provided by the United States Geological Survey for free, has been “wrapped" into an [R package](http://kwb-r.github.io/kwb.wtaq/), which contains functions for writing input …

Wrap your model in an R package!